Floret // Luisa Via Roma

If you haven’t already figured, I’m a sucker for all things aesthically pleasing. Whether it’s food, fashion, interiors, architecture, attention to detail is something I cannot miss out on. My favorite multi brand department store in Florence – Luisa Via Roma’s terrace restaurant – Floret, has now become my new hide out almost every other day. You know how all of us have that one spot that we use as our go-to-one-stop-shop to either unwind after work, or catch up on emails, or even just go to for some down time or to grab a bite – well, Floret’s my spot here in Florence. Breaking out from the typical Florentine, Italian cafe vibe, Floret’s vibe resonates typically with that of the department store itself (Luisa Via Roma) which is home to brands like Gucci, Valentino, Prada, Dior, Versace and many more to name a few.

This cute little terrace restaurant has a menu that literally calls out my name from feet away. Avocados, protein shakes, smoothies, hummus plates and guacamole to die for, I haven’t even completed 1/5th of the menu yet. For any of you that are looking for a spot that covers all aspects: Fashion, Food and Down-time in Florence, this is exactly where you need to head to. Whether you’re craving an Acai Bowl, Avo-toast with poached eggs, Super-food salads, smoothies, or anything that screams healthy and heart filling, this is the place you need to be at.

A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Floret and compliments to the chef for creating a menu that combines all things delicious with a healthy twist! And if these pictures of my wonderful tasting don’t make you want to go there and try this out, then well, look again and GO!

General Info:

Artisan Kitchen & Bar open daily on the terrace of LuisaViaRoma.
Via Roma 19/21R, 50123 Florence
Monday – Saturday: 10:30 – 19:30
Sunday: 11:30 – 19:30
+39 055 2959 24



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