Cooking with FlorenceTown Part II

Ciao 🙂

So I’m back home (well to my second home) in Florence and my first stop and activity had to be done with my favorite city tour guides – Florence Town. If you guys haven’t checked out my last post on Florence Town, make sure you do because that’s where you’ll get all the info on what you can do if you’re visiting this magical city for the first time!

Cooking’s now become my hobby since I’ve moved here and needless to say, who doesn’t love the sound of Pizza and Gelato? So that’s what I was up to this afternoon. Florence Town once again opened their cooking school doors to me today, where I attended a 3 hour crash course on how to make fresh Pizza and Gelato from scratch! Chef Jon and Kevin who are both outstanding teachers, chefs and people ensured we left feeling like professional Italian chefs and of course with a box of our own handmade Pizza’s to take back home! Not to add, the wonderful Gelato which we learnt how to make from the start is something I definitely am going to be trying very frequently (especially for my baby brother when I’m back home!).

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check Florence Town’s list of abudent city activities, tours and classes that will give you an extremely in depth view, feel and aesthetic of the wonders of Florence.

Have fun scrolling through today’s pictures from our cooking class! And I’m sorry in advance if they make you hungry, but you might as well get Pizza & some Gelato right after this 🙂

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