JMode X FlorenceTown

I cannot exaggerate enough about how much I absolutely LOVE Italian food, and today was probably one of the most happy days of my life. FlorenceTown – Florence’s most premier tourism agency called me in for one of their most special tour activities – the ‘WANNA BE ITALIANO’ Cooking class today. So like a little child, I was up at 6.00 am this morning, ready to make my way to one of the best 6 hours I’ve had in this city. We started off in the Piazza Della Republica where we were guided by John from FlorenceTown who took us to the most popular food market and gave us a little 101 on the basics of all Italian food. We’re talking olive oil, pasta, truffle, meat and of course my love – CHEESE.

Post our little visit, we made our way to the cooking academy where we were stationed at our cooking tables and made our way through each dish with Chef Manisha and John step by step. From learning how to make Pasta from scratch which included all the essential steps from A-Z, to learning how to make the best bolognese sauce, to then coming to my favorite part – TIRAMISU. This signature Italian dessert for some reason has not been my favorite, but today, everything changed. If you’re in Florence, and are looking to spend a few hours learning to attend one of the best cooking courses, FlorenceTown is your place to go.

Besides cooking classes, they also organize tours around the city to museums, vineyards, art galleries, different spots around Florence and of course, in a truly Florentine way.



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